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Enemy of my Enemy
BSAA HQ-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jill: "Look on the bright side that Mortis guy is dead."
Chris: "Jill, Leon is in a body cast right now plus Wesker escaped."
Wesker: "I never escaped. I left to help someone not that you would believe me."
Chris: "You help someone? That's a laugh."
Wesker: "Chris I was in a coma for 3 months after barely dragging myself from that volcano you left me in. The woman that helped me persuaded me to turn myself in despite my threatening to kill her multiple times. I just took 4 bullets in the back protecting her so I might actually love her  so despite my better judgement I'm asking you for help."
Chris: "Why should I trust you?"
Wesker: "Because do you really think I'd be here if I didn't want help."
Jill: "He's got a point Chris."
Chris: "Ok fine but if this is just some way of screwing us over...."
Wesker: "You'll kill me I know."
Meanwhile at the Safe House 2 Days Later------------------------------------------------------------------------
Juri: "It's a good thing you're not important to The Claw... I had to hurt someone for my new look"
As Juri in her robotic form left the safe house Zoe was barely alive despite massive blood loss she had been beaten within an inch of her life.
to be continued...
Albert Wesker goes to form an alliance with his biggest enemy
Zoe-Wesker Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG! This is going to be interessting!
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