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Broken Dreams part 6: Showdown
As the 2 combatants were preparing for the upcoming bruises they just knew they would be aching from, both men were also plotting their strategies on how to beat the other.
Ok he's been away 2 and a half years and his skills were getting sloppy 6 months before that plus Bruce's telling me bout him being drunk every night he's been in Gotham helps. This is gonna be easy.
He looks confident good.... I always wanted to kick his ass in hand to hand combat. Time to show him my skills from the Doom Patrol.
As they began to fight Nightwing was surprised to see they were evenly matched for every punch or kick he delivered to Beast Boy he got one in return. The only sound to be heard in the entire room was the sound of fighting.... That is until the girl from Tamaran said something no one expected.
"Come on friend Beast Boy open up the can of the butt whoop!!!"
Nightwing hearing his own wife cheering for his opponent instead of him he lost his focus and walked right into a hard right hook from Beast Boy drawing first blood.
Inside Raven's mind it was a complete mess.
'Yeah I'm with Star hoo ahh.'
'I hope he tears the wings off the boy wonder.'
'I just hope BB will be ok after this.'
'Would you all shut up, I swear you emotions are giving me a migraine.'
'We all know you're thinking what we are, obviously.'
'Shut up.'
Once she had finally gotten her emotions under control the unthinkable occured. While Starfire cheering for Beast Boy made Nightwing lose focus it also made Beast Boy get over confident because once Nightwing regained his composure he caught the green changling in the head with a crescent kick sending him flying out of the boxing ring and crashing to the floor on the far side of the ring.
All eyes were now on Raven who was now blushing realizing what she just said out loud. However while the others were staring at Raven, Beast Boy had recovered and was now behind Nightwing blood flowing from his mouth.
"Never take your eyes off your opponent Dick."
Nightwing now realizing who was behind him went to strike but it was too late. Beast Boy got him in a sleeperhold and wrapped his legs around Nightwing's arms making sure he couldn't escape his hold. Nightwing was starting to fade as hedropped to his knees.
Beast Boy: "Say it. Say you give up and I'll let go."
Nightwing was not about to admit he had been beaten by Beast Boy, but he also knew he couldn't last much longer and it wouldn't matter anyway. Nightwing at that moment swallowed his pride and did the only thing he could.
"Fine you're a Titan again."
Beast Boy released his hold immediately overjoyed that he'd been given a second chance. Without thinking Beast Boy did a running jump out of the ring down to the floor and proceeded to kiss Raven with more passion than he thought possible not caring if anyone was there or not.
"Thank you for believing in me."
the fight between Nightwing & Beast Boy begins
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LilliumCoronarium Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012  Student Writer
:iconyayzplz: I'M SO FREAKIN LOVING THIS SERIES!!!!! omfg!!!!
ChrisChaos369 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
y thank u part 7 im having a little trouble continuing u got any ideas
LilliumCoronarium Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Student Writer
I wish I could have stopped you before you made such a rash conclusion..... I think it would have been better if you would have dragged it out a little longer... focused a whole part on a date with Rae and BB or even another whole parton their wedding or the pregnancy.... but the ending was a bit abrupt....
avgreen Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wait, pregnancy???
ChrisChaos369 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
i can still add that stuff no prob.
just rushed it cuz im working on the other story at the same time
but like i said its just the end of one story
LilliumCoronarium Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Student Writer
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