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Ok folks im taking a break from my Original Evil stories until I can find a way Fang could escape Hell, if anyone has an idea feel free to share I welcome any and all advice or help. Anyways this is a BBxRae fanfic and I wanna point out a few things.
A) Beast Boy Raven and any Teen Titans related things are property of DC & Warner Bros.
B) This is set years after the last episode of the Teen Titans tv show so all the Titans are at least 21 or older.
C) If you actually like Terra stop reading now cuz I might get vocal bout the backstabber.
Sidenote: As far as I'm concerned Malchior should be burned to a crisp and Terra should be buried alive. Ok let's begin.
Broken Dreams part 1: Don't Say it
It's been 3 years since Beast Boy saw Terra again and she didn't even remember him, she didn't remember any of us..... Maybe she didn't want to. Either way Beast Boy took it hard his cheerful happy go lucky demeanor was long gone he mainly just stayed in his room except to do missions or to get food. I never realized how much he meant to the Titans until he started distancing himself from the rest of us, how much he meant to me. I always wanted peace and quiet to meditate and to read only to have it ruined by him making jokes, but after being able to have peace and quiet for a week I realized something..... I actually missed his constant interuptions I mean he wasn't funny everyone knew it but for some reason his constant attempts to make me smile actually worked at least on the inside. I tried to talk him after two weeks only to be cut off by three simple words that spoke volumes "Don't Say It." right away I knew why he said it. After Terra betrayed the team for Slade no let Beast Boy forget it because we weren't about to forgive that little traitor and I was the worst of all. I must've beaten Beast Boy over the head with it for two months afterwards. I finally stopped the verbal abuse after the incident with Malchior, but Beast Boy never did to me what I did to him.... He was kind and understanding which made me feel horrible about what I had done two months earlier. Now his hearts been crushed again and after 3 years it hasn't healed any. Robin now calling himself Nightwing had no choice but to kick Beast Boy off the team after his depression almost killed us during a fight. Now he lives in some run down apartment complex in Gotham only leaving to go drown his sorrows at the local bar.
I've been on my own for about 2 and a half years now...... I think. After Dick kicked me out of the titans I stopped using the name Beast Boy.
Now I'm just Garfield Logan - Gotham's Drunk of the Year two years runnin. How could that Bird Brained boy scout understand what I'm going through how could any of them? To them I was just "Mr. Comedy" making these stupid jokes no one thought were funny never being serious always being over dramatic. Well Fuck em all I don't care what they think anymore as far as I'm concerned they stabbed me in the back just like Terra did..... Oh how I hate that name, it just reminds me of all the crap I put up with from the others after she screwed us over..... Figures she would eventually cause me to be kicked off the team too. Funny thing is the person that hated Terra the most was the only one to even attempt talking to me about it why the hell did I tell her to go away. Raven knocked on my door started to ask if I was ok actually concerned believe it or not and what do I do? Like an idiot I said "Don't Say It." then closed the door in her face. What made me feel even more like an ass was when I barely heard say from the hallway the words I had used to comfort her once before.
"You think you're alone Beast Boy, but you're not." I figured she was whispering to herself but I still went to verify what she said.... I opened the door and she was gone. Three years later and now I'm sitting in the same bar I sit in every night trying not to puke from the smell of alchol as I down probably a bottle and a half of whiskey trying to forget how I have nothing to live for wondering if tonight's the night I finally get enough courage to pull the trigger. That's when I noticed it... The bar still smelled nasty as hell but now I smelled the slight hint of lavender making it's way through the bar. Soon after I recognized the smell I heard guys whistling and the foot steps of a woman that were all too familiar. Without acknowledging that I had noticed her apporaching I simply had the bartender poor me another glass of whiskey because I knew....... I was in for a long night.
BBxRae fanfic this part is rather depressing and involves booze
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Soulisblack Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I like how beast boys life ruin forever muhahhahahahahaha
ChrisChaos369 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
well it gets pieced back together by the end
LilliumCoronarium Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2012  Student Writer
:clap: "this is gonna be a good one jonny"

:iconhurrplz: Jonny=> "I know"
katiexbaby Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
lol this made me laugh way harder then it should have haha! but I agree :p
LilliumCoronarium Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Student Writer
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